The Truth About Vaginal Yeast Infections Revealed

Vaginal yeast infections, also referred to as candidiasis, are very common for females to get. They are caused by the fungus Candida. This will produce intense vaginal itching, swelling around the labia, and overall irritation of the vagina.

The researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that three out of every four women will experience this type of vaginal infection at one point or another throughout their lifetime. Those who have the infection are more likely to get it again. This is an ongoing issue that can keep reoccurring throughout your lifetime.

It’s normal for Candida to be produced inside of the vagina. It’s a microorganism and the vaginal is it’s own self cleaning organ. If the production becomes more than is usual this can lead to more yeast being present inside of the vagina. This will lead to the unpleasant symptoms noted above. Treating the infection with over the counter cures usually will stop the overproduction and reduce the symptoms until the infection is completely gone.

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